My Story

Naomi Joy from NJ Living


Hello! I'm Naomi....

I'm a northern gal, living in London with my partner and my daughter Sisi. 

Becoming a mother was the inspiration behind my first candle range. The transition from maidenhood to motherhood isn't always easy, so I was inspired to create something that acted as a reminder to Mums that each and every one of us is doing an amazing job.

I believe that words have power and the way you talk to yourself is important. So, my Mama Mantra range was born. These candles don't just smell divine. Emblazoned with an uplifting message or mantra, each one adds a pop of positivity to a corner of your home. Lighting a Mama Mantra candle should signify taking a pause, a moment of peace. This is my way of reminding every mother to spoil themselves a little and take some time for some self-care. It's not selfish but makes you a better Mum. 

My latest collection was inspired by the Black Onyx, a precious stone with strength giving properties. This range transforms negative energy. Chic and minimal in design to suit any setting. Cheekily captioned to add a splash of personality to any space. 

I'm proud to say that all of my candles are hand-poured and manufactured in Britain. Stocked at small independents with that eye for something different. 

Creating NJ Living has been so much fun and filled me with purpose! I hope you get as much pleasure from burning my candles as I have from creating them. 

Thank you for being part of my journey.

Sending positive vibes,