I started my candle range after I had my daughter, Sienna.  It’s a complete cliche but becoming a mother and giving birth really does change your life and your whole perspective.

Motherhood brings a mix of emotions..... there are the highs and the lows and everything in between but really we are all just trying to do our bloody best on this journey called parenthood and raise these little humans to be the very best versions of themselves that they can be! 

I was inspired to create something that acted as a reminder to Mums that they are doing an amazing job no matter how small your accomplishment might have been that day. Parenting can be hard so my Mama Mantra Candles were born, my way of reminding every mum that spoiling yourself a little and taking some time for some self-care is not selfish... but makes you a better Mum. 

Each candle features a cheeky quip that is sure to make you smile. Hand poured in the UK using the finest quality scents for a strong and lasting fragrance.