Why You Should Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway!

We're all guilty of turning down opportunities because of fear or anxiety. Or even limiting our social interactions because of the fear of the unknown. It's time to stop. It's so much easier to just ignore things or say no to things instead of facing what is making us feel fear. 

But when you hold yourself back because of fear you're giving in to that voice in your head that is telling you no. You're way too damn strong to do that to yourself! There is probably no way of actually getting rid of that voice unless you become a world-class meditator, but instead, you should hear that voice and tell it you aren't going to listen anymore! 

Fear isn't always a bad thing, it's there to help your body react to certain situations. Your fight or flight might be a bit confused since you aren't in imminent danger from wild beasts on a daily basis, your brain will fill that space with things you experience every day instead. For example, that presentation you need to do tomorrow, the meet up with your girlfriends you've been dreading because of lockdown weight or taking the leap into a new job role in a new workplace. In all of these situations, you'll start to build anxiety and make the situation appear much worse than it actually is. If you learn to turn your anxiety into excitement you'll soon realise how much more you can get out of life! 

You should allow your fear to empower you, after all, it's what makes us human!

Feel that fear, let it excite you, put your power outfit on and


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