Top Tips to Help Mums Get Through The Week

This week is maternal mental health week, raising awareness for postpartum depression and other mental health issues mother's face every day. We know how overwhelming it can be to do the motherhood juggle, not having a minute to yourself and feeling like it's all an inch away from falling apart. Here are some top tips to get through the week from Naomi!

Top Tips to Help You Smash The Motherhood Juggle

  1. Plan your week - this may sound like a huge task but even if it's simply writing down your goal for each day, anywhere you need to go, your kids hobbies/classes, what you plan to cook each night. Unloading your plans for the week onto paper will make your mind so much less busy, no more last minute dashes and no more forgetting plans you have made!
  2. Have your own space - whether this is the bathroom at 12am or your home office, creating a child-free space for you to relax and let your hair down is so important for your mental health.
  3. Make time for you - Just as having your own space is important, making time to do things that make you happy is essential. A lot of mums feel over time they lose a bit of themselves because they're so wrapped up in motherhood and they don't have time to spend doing the things they loved pre-children. Don't allow yourself to get stuck in that mindset, you are still YOU and you're f*?king fabulous! 
  4. Look after yourself - take that extra 15 minutes to do your makeup or straighten your hair, you'll feel so much better for it! Put on a face mask or tint your eyebrows and light your favourite candle, you deserve that self care girl! 
  5. Don't beat yourself up - When you have a day of negative thinking, remember that it will pass. We have good days and bad days. It’s part of what makes us human. But try repeating your mantra in your head to clear your mind and shift into a positive train of thought. Focus on what is most important: your health, your family and your wellbeing & happiness!


We hope our tips have helped you clear your mind of mid-week panic, and always remember:




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