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The F*?king Fabulous Cocktail🍸

The F*?king Fabulous Cocktail🍸

To celebrate the launch of our new F*?king Fabulous collection, we thought we'd make an irresistible cocktail to give you a F*?king Fabulous time! 

Ingredients, serves one:

Dried rose petals (for garnish)
Pink peppercorn (for garnish)
50ml pink gin
12.5ml peppercorn syrup
50ml rosé wine
50ml grape juice
10ml tonic water


If you'd like to impress your friends with a fabulous cocktail, you can add some rose petals into an ice cube tray and fill with water. This really adds that extra special something to your cocktail!
Choose a long glass or a martini glass for this cocktail!

How To Make...

Step 1: Take out your ice cubes and place in your glass of choice. 
Step 2: Combine the wine, gin, grape juice and pink peppercorn syrup. 
Step 3: Stir well until completely incorporated, top off with tonic water, taste for balance and give it another stir.
Step 4: Garnish with edible flowers and pink peppercorns to impress your girlies! 
Step 5: Cheers! 
We hope you have a FABULOUS bank holiday weekend! Don’t forget to shop the new F*?king Fabulous collection! Sit back, relax and thank God you’re fabulous!


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