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Reed diffusers and how to maximise their scent

Reed diffusers and how to maximise their scent

Reed diffusers are a great alternative to candles, especially for those who have little ones or pets who are more than fascinated by flickering flames! Lots of people also opt to fill their home with a mixture of diffusers and candles as diffusers dispense their scent evenly throughout the day and last for weeks, whereas candles can only release their scent when burnt. 

You may have been looking through our collection of diffusers and wondered how best to care for your diffuser to ensure you're getting the most out of it. To make things a little easier for you we have created a list Naomi's top tips for looking after your reed diffuser!

Naomi's Reed Diffuser Top Tips

1. Consider the room you're placing your diffuser in

If you're going to be placing your diffuser in a smaller room such as a bathroom you only need 3 or maybe 4 reeds in the vessel when preparing your diffuser. This is to ensure the scent does not overpower the room and that your oil is dispersed properly for the room. 

2. Always place your diffuser in an area with plenty of movement, air & motion

The motion in the ocean is super important with diffusers, when walking by a diffuser you're helping to create an airflow of scent through your home. Placing your diffuser next to a door or in a hallway where you're constantly walking by will ensure you're making the most of the airflow of your home. 



Pictured: NJ Living Fresh Outta F*?ks Diffuser in Sea Salt and Oakmoss

3. Keep your diffuser at nose height or below to help you catch the aroma

This tip may seem self explanatory but what height you place your diffuser at can be very important, for example, if you place your diffuser high up the scent will have to slowly drift downwards for you to smell it. If you keep it on a low table or even a desk, a surface which always sits below nose level, you'll be able to smell the beautiful aroma all day long.

4. Don't place your diffuser by a window, radiator or in a warm space

The sun will cause the oil in your diffuser to heat and start to evaporate causing your oil to disperse much faster than usual. To ensure you're getting the full amount of time possible from your diffuser place is in a cool area, away from fires, radiators, windows and natural sunlight. 

5. Be extra careful when rotating your reeds 

When you're rotating your reeds, make sure you do it on a non-porous surface as the oil can cause damage to furniture. Don't rotate your reeds more than once a fortnight as constantly rotating your reeds causes the oil to disperse faster. Try rotating the reeds before you leave the house, when you come home from a long day at work or day out you'll be greeted by a lovely aroma filling your home

6. Give your vessel a swirl

If you feel the scent from your diffuser is depleting, try gently picking up your vessel and giving it a small swirl. This helps bring out the scent from your oil and ensure they haven't separated whilst sitting in your diffuser.

7. Good airflow and a dust-free space

It is very important to place your diffuser in free flowing, dust-free space as the diffuser reeds can become clogged with dust, stopping your diffuser from throwing the scent. If you're having issues smelling your diffuser, it could be because your reeds have become clogged, if you have tried swirling your vessel and you're still experiencing issues you should replace your reeds to make the most of your diffuser oil!

NJ Living Mamaste Diffuser as Bud Vase

8. Reuse the diffuser bottle as a bud vase 

Once you have completely used the diffuser oil, clean out the vessel with warm soapy water. Once dry, fill it with water and place flower buds inside to reuse the vessel as a vase! 

We hope you're enjoying any Naomi Joy Living diffusers you have in your home & if you're yet to try a diffuser, click the link below to bring some long lasting aroma into your home! 

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