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☆ Naomi’s Favourites ☆

☆ Naomi’s Favourites ☆

It’s my birthday!! To celebrate my special day, I thought I’d write a blog post about my faves from my current collections! There’s so many different reasons a scent will be my favourite from a line, whether it’s a memory the aroma brings up, the mantra or how it makes me feel. I do truly love all of the scents in my collection, but sometimes a scent is just so good I can’t stop coming back for more! 


Stay F*?king Wild

This is such a sensual and evocative fragrance that gets me straight in the mood for going out. I love nothing more than lighting it whilst I get ready for a girls night… and I can’t get enough of that caption! I think everyone needs to be f*?king wild every now and again!

Scent Description:

Ignite the rich, deep and alluring blend of rambling rose and oud. This is a sensual and indulgent fragrance created to fuel that desire to let your hair down. Dripping in Rose, geranium, jasmine and praline. Notes of oud and clove dance in the air around you. Set on a relaxing base of cedarwood and vanilla musk with the heat of amber to help you instantly unwind.

Fresh Outta F*?ks Diffuser

I love this scent because it reminds me of going on holiday, it’s so warming and aromatic. I actually have this diffuser by my bed and I love getting a delicate waft of it every now and then. Especially during the past few lockdown’s, the smell has given me hope of being on a beach again some day soon!
Scent description:

Pure fragrance warmed with the intense summer sun. This smells how a day at the beach feels. Fresh air, salty kisses and sand between your toes. Fill your home with crunchy sea salt and red sea moss enveloped in refreshing ozonic minerals and green aromatic tones. Encased in a sleek glass vessel with rose gold accent, to make a sophisticated addition to any interior. 



This scent is so cleansing and refreshing. I’m really enjoying this scent now that it’s spring/summer and the caption totally summarises how I’m feeling. Roll on summer holidays, bottomless brunches and living more! 
Scent description:
This revitalising blend of Geranium, Eucalyptus and Orange Blossom will leave you feeling energised and inspired. Evoke a feeling of positivity and stir your mind into action. A perfect gift for a friend moving in a new direction or about to take a leap of faith! 

It’s Cool to be Kind

This is actually my FAVE scent. I love a scent that is sweet and delicate… although this also includes some floral notes, it almost reminds me of love heart sweets! I like to keep this candle by my desk. A reminder to always be kind to myself and others.
Scent description:
Be good to people for no reason. Compassion. Empathy. Acts of kindness. Sprinkle that s*?t everywhere! And light this baby up in celebration! Float through an English Meadow with the fresh and vibrant aromas of white tea, lemon, mandarin & pear on a bed of delicate floral notes. 
Well now you know my favourites, why don’t you tell me yours! Tag your instagram grid pictures with #NJinthewild and tell me which scent you are obsessed with (& be in with a chance of winning £100 worth of NJ Living)!


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