Meet Naomi Joy and find out what inspired NJ Living

Meet Naomi Joy and find out what inspired NJ Living

Hi! I'm Naomi and the founder of Naomi Joy Living.  This is my first blog post... So, I thought what better place to start.... than at the beginning. Perhaps, I can tell you a little bit about why NJ Living began!  

Becoming a Mother was a huge inspiration behind my natural wax candle range. I wanted the flexibility to be my own boss and work around my daughter when she was born. I also massively didn't want to lose 'me'. As much as I sometimes wish I could just be content with being a Mum, there was this itch inside of me! This burning question of what if? I knew I'd always wanted to start my own business. It was finding the idea and having the confidence to execute it that was the tricky part! So I started off selling kids accessories and baby clothes....

But, I found that the transition from maidenhood to motherhood wasn't always an easy one. There are so many emotional and physical changes. I wanted to create something that empowered Mums and reminded them of what an amazing job they are doing. In honesty, I needed to create something that made me feel better and remind me that I was at least trying my best! 

Every candle features a mantra that I have combined with uplifting fragrance to reflect the spirit of the candle. I want my scents to add a touch of positivity to you and your home. Lighting a candle signifies a pause. A moment of peace or setting of a new intention, perhaps. It is self-care. It's not selfish. It makes you a better human. 

At times, I have lacked confidence, felt awkward or not good enough. Every caption featured on my scents is a mood I've felt. These are words that I have needed to see. Words that have picked me up and powered me through, made me laugh and made me feel better about myself. I try not to take any notice of that negative inner voice anymore. The words that you speak truly do become the house that you live in. 

I don't think any of us would be able to get through this rollercoaster of a journey that we call life without the support of some special people in our lives either. So I designed my candles with that in mind too and expanded my ranges to include Onyx and Reborn. The candles not only act as a token of appreciation for yourself, but for someone amazing that you couldn’t live without.  I have added diffusers to bring long-lasting fragrance into your home.

I use incredible and talented women to help me make my ranges. From design through to packaging and manufacturing I am proud to work with female-owned businesses. My brand may be light hearted but at its core, it is all about lifting women, making them feel better about themselves and encouraging women to support each other. As this business is growing it is this message that really resonates with me and drives me forward. 

I hope you've enjoyed my first blog post! Feel free to leave me a comment below and let me know what you think. I always love to get to know my customers!

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