Meet Naomi and find out what inspired NJ Living

Hi! My name is Naomi. I’m first and foremost a Mummy but I’m also the creator of Naomi Joy Living. I developed my own natural wax candle range for Mums – The Mama Mantra collection after I had my little girl, Sienna, who is now 4……going on 30! Coming from an entrepreneurial family, I think it was in my blood to create something of my own but I also want to be in control of my working life so that I can balance my work around Sienna and see her as much as possible, especially in these precious early years. 


Although I now have a partner, having been a single mum it has at times been one lonely job. Hell, being a Mummy can be lonely even if you do have a partner! Changing nappies, clearing up, and playing shops leaves little space for ‘me-time’ in any Mum’s daily schedule. It was this that was the inspiration for the Mama Mantra candle collection. I wanted to create something that empowered Mums and reminded them of what an amazing job they are doing. Each candle features a different mantra about motherhood and the scent was developed to reflect that mantra.  The candles are made from a natural wax so you can burn them without worrying that you or your family is inhaling any nasties or toxins too! 



Bringing up a child is the most difficult yet rewarding role on the planet and we can often feel like we lose ourselves in the process.  I wouldn’t be able to get through it without other Mums support around me either. So I designed my candles with that in mind too. The candles not only act as a token of appreciation for yourself, but for those amazing women around you that you couldn’t live without. I hope that every Mum can take a #MamaMoment to show themselves some self-love. 



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