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6 Tricks to Get The Most Out of Your Candle

6 Tricks to Get The Most Out of Your Candle

fresh outta f*?ks naomi joy living candle
Pictured: NJ Living Fresh Outta F*?ks Candle

Our scented natural wax candles combined with an uplifting caption are the perfect way to transform any space and impact your mood. Focus on your mantra and set a positive intention. A change in lighting and mood can be a simple yet effective way of transforming your 'me time' into a relaxing refuge.

NJ Living candles are created using a natural wax that naturally have a longer burn. But we know everyone hates getting to the bottom of their favourite candle! So, we have curated a list of some of the best candle hacks to get the most of our candles.

1. The First Burn

naomi joy living candles natural wax candles
Pictured: NJ Living Merry F*?king Xmas Candle 

Did you know candles have a memory? Particularly natural wax candles. 

During your first burn it is important to burn your candle for at least 2 hours and up to a maximum of 4 hours. This is to ensure your candle burns all the way to the edge of the candle vessel, otherwise you could risk an uneven burn all the way to the bottom! A fully melted pool also means you'll be getting the full level of fragrance released - which is what we all want! 

2. Keep It Lit

Pictured: NJ Living Namastayin Candle

Now you've started your candle burning journey, it is important to not light your candle for less than 2 hours each time it is lit. You want to keep the burn even throughout the whole of the candle and allow those divine fragrance oils to release fully into your ambience. 


3. Trim The Wick After Every Burn

Pictured: Stay F*?king Wild Candle scented in Rambling Rose & Oud


Trimming the wick after each time you burn our candles ensures a cleaner burn. It will remain brighter and less carbon will be produced which minimises the chance of sooting. Leaving your wick untrimmed and with a heavy load of carbon (the mushroom that forms at the top of the wick when it burns) will produce more smoke and risks staining your vessel. 

Using a wick trimmer works best as the flat design provides an easy surface upon which your old wick can rest whilst cutting. If you don't have a pair to hand, a pair of nail scissors or clippers will work perfectly too! 

4. Keep It Clean

Remove any debris that might have gotten into the wax pool before it hardens. Once the wax is dry, wipe away dust or soot to keep your candle looking brand new. 

5. Don't Throw That Wax Away

When you get down to the last 1cm of wax, don't throw your candle away! Simply pop the candle into the freezer for a few hours, once hard use a spoon to scoop out the frozen wax. Use the wax in a wax burner to keep your home smelling gorgeous for longer! 

6. Upcycle Your Vessel

upcycle recycle candle vessel naomi joy living candle unapologetically you
Pictured: NJ Living Unapologetically You Candle

Naomi Joy Living Candles are all designed to be reused. Once the last of your wax is removed from the vessel using the above method, you can use the candle pot for lost of new uses. They make perfect makeup brush holders, plant pots and stationary holders, get creative and have some fun with it!


Now you know our tips and tricks for getting the most out of our candles! Enjoy! 



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