5 Instagram accounts you should be following for your daily dose of empowerment

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It's very easy to fall into social media toxicity, allowing yourself to follow people who don't offer a realistic view of their life and leave you feeling negative about yourself and how you live. Instead of your feed showing you unachievable goals you should follow accounts that give you positive vibes and empowering posts! We've compiled a list of accounts you should follow to give your feed that positivity glow up you deserve! 

Liz Forshaw (@lizforshaw)


Liz Forshaw shares inspiring and empowering content for those who are struggling with motivation, imposter syndrome and self-doubt! Her colourful posts will fill your feed with quotes to change your mindset!

Lou (@lounorthcote)


Lou is an acne positivity activist, we are all guilty of following influencers who share an often unobtainable level of beauty. Lou is working to ensure women don't beat themselves up over something they cannot control. Acne is normal and common and you shouldn't hide yourself because of it. You are beautiful, don't stop sharing that because of pimples! 

Self Care Visuals (@selfcarevisuals)


If you're into colourful graphics you've absolutely love Self Care Visuals. Their posts feature fun colours and drawing with important messages about looking after your mental health and how to recognise unhealthy habits. 

Happy Place (@happyplaceofficial)


Happy Place is a podcast founded by Fearne Cotton, they share diverse content to keep you positive. From podcast snippets about healing to spring wreath making! 

The Happy News (@thehappynewspaper)


You may have seen these happiness filled newspapers around before, created by Emily Coxhead, their posts will give your doom scrolling a well deserved break! From fun facts to positive world news, there's no negativity to be found on this Instagram feed!

We hope your social media feed is now filled with positivity and self-love, if you'd like to fill your home with similar vibes and irresistible scents, shop our candles and find your perfect mantra!

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